Does Star Trek Give You a True Perspective?

Several years ago, I saw Star Trek at an IMAX theatre. The Saturday before, I celebrated my 125th birthday at my “Come as You Will Be” party. There were some similarities and lots of contrasts.

First, the movie was totally enjoyable but far from my favorite. Typically, it was full of warfare and destruction, crisis and triumph and aging and dying to make sure they sold a bunch of tickets.

In my opinion, if we get past some societal and technological thresholds, warfare will be obsolete. So will aging and death from natural causes. But these are hard concepts for the general public to grasp this early in the game, so the producers need to deliver thrilling storylines that people can relate to.

For example, Captain Pike was aging, and even had graying hair in the 23rd century. That is utterly ridiculous… especially gray hair. But without it, the story falls apart, there’s no succession, and people can’t relate to a non-aging Captain of the Enterprise or to a non-aging Spock.

We’re not quite ready for parents and children looking the same age… for Bones McCoy having absolutely perfect teeth… and for ordinary crewmembers with Terminator-like abilities.

When we jump from concepts to conclusions without gradually drawing people along with one small familiar idea linking to a bigger idea, and so on, until we arrive at the grand conclusion, we’ll lose 99% of our audience. It’s like a tiny tugboat pulling a huge ocean liner along with seemingly little effort. If you weren’t familiar with how it happens, you might close your mind to the possibility.

But once you understood the process, then it’s an easy leap for you. First, someone throws a small rope from the liner to someone on the tugboat. Attached to that rope is a larger rope. And then a larger one still and so on until they eventually have a large heavy cable connecting the vessels. From there on, it’s a simple matter of leverage.

You can’t jump from a small idea to a huge idea without gradually ramping up if you want to keep your audience.

If you were to travel back in time one or two centuries and tell people about the marvels of technology we take for granted today, they would think you are nuts, because they wouldn’t have points of references to link to. But once they grasped the concept of electricity, the light bulb becomes easier to accept… and so on until they could eventually understand miracles like the Internet, wireless communication and more.

It’s the same with aging and the future ability to completely reverse it.

Sure, it’s been a dream for thousands of years, and the desire is not hard to sell. The believability is though… even today with all our scientific marvels. But those scientific marvels are a perfect starting point for gradually getting people to understand exactly why the dream could finally be achievable in your lifetime.

As more people understand the rationale of how reversing aging could evolve, we’ll have greater intellectual and financial support to pull it off and less resistance to making it happen. So the way we present the possibilities of extreme longevity could impact your life.

BTW, the party was upbeat and positive. No one was killed and no worlds were destroyed. The attendees of the future (2068) did not age and did not get sick. Unlike Bones, they had perfect teeth, and unlike Captain Pike and Spock, they stayed young. Let’s make that future happen for us.

New Shocking Proof of Aging Damage

“Inflammation Chews Up Your Blood Vessels”

Hardly a week goes by without seeing the perils of chronic inflammation in major news media. The world has known for decades that this silent killer is the single biggest contributor to age related diseases, agony and premature death.

Yet the message falls on deaf ears… both inside and outside the medical community.

I’m so frustrated that I could scream!!!

We spent a fortune on developing what we are confident is the most effective natural solution to manage chronic inflammation on the planet. It’s one of the biggest no-brainer ways to preserve your life.

Most people who use it get amazing results. I’ll go as far as saying… “It is flat SAVING LIVES.”

But most don’t even consider using it until they feel a symptom. However, inflammation is a silent killer… so by then, it’s often TOO LATE.

Virtually every overweight person and most of the aging population are chronically inflamed. When they ignore it, their death certificates list causes of death as heart disease, stroke, cancer, etc.

Yet the real cause is me, and people like me, because we’re just not doing a good enough job to convince you to take simple, inexpensive ACTION.

I said it before… “The most important disaster-avoiding information I can give you for the time-being is at

Here’s a report just in from Reason at

A number of the most serious age-related conditions involve the progressive structural and functional decay of your blood vessels. A number of different forms of cellular and molecular damage conspire to clog, weaken, and stiffen blood vessels until one of these small but vital pieces of the body’s infrastructure fails catastrophically, and then a blockage or a bleed causes death or crippling injury in a matter of moments.

The older you are the more extensive the damage and the worse the odds, but poor lifestyle choices will generally put you in a poorer position than would otherwise be the case.

Chronic inflammation is a noteworthy contribution to many issues associated with aging, and it is one of the contributing causes that most of us have a fair level of control over throughout most of our lives. By taking basic good care of health matters, exercising, and eating a diet low enough in calories to stay slim… the average individual will have a lower level of inflammation as a result.

Inflammation is probably a primary mechanism in the link between excess fat tissue and raised risk of suffering from all of the common age-related disease. Visceral fat tissue is metabolically active in ways that promote inflammation, and the more of it you have the worse off you are.

You can’t escape chronic inflammation in aging entirely by staying thin and active, however, as significant raised inflammation levels also result from the characteristic age-related failure of the immune system.

As a result of the damage of aging, the immune system becomes both ineffective and constantly overactive at the same time.

Why exactly is chronic inflammation bad? What does it do under the hood? There are many distinct mechanisms, but here are some papers to illustrate a couple that involve your blood vessels.

(The first article covers how Chronic inflammation is associated with age-related diseases such as cancer, neurodegenerative disorders, and cardiovascular disease. The second discusses how chronic inflammation contributes to aortic aneurysms. An aortic aneurysm (AA) is a silent but life-threatening disease that involves rupture.)

In effect you might think of inflammatory processes as gnawing away at the structural integrity of these important tissues, at an insignificant pace in youth, but accelerating over the years.

There is always repair taking place as well, of course, but ultimately the inflammation wins – or at least that will be the case until the research community is given enough support and funding to produce the means to reverse these mechanisms.

Reason’s commentary is one of tens of thousands of warnings.

Old enough to remember the Nixon administration’s “Whip Inflation Now” (WIN) campaign? Maybe I should call ours “Whip Inflammation Now.”

How to Increase Your Odds of Everything Good by 10X

Not just increasing your odds for youthful longevity… but for EVERYTHING.

Most of my subscribers want more healthy years – way more. So they are proactive. Some others, like most of the world, react like they have gotten old by surprise… or they got diagnosed with something bad by surprise.

A common thread that we all share though is – we want MORE. We want answers. That’s what MaxLife is all about – digging up… or even creating answers. Our efforts over the past few years were on creating the answers that don’t exist yet. 90% of our efforts.

And I’m glad to report that we have created two amazing breakthroughs already. One will be revealed before the end of the year.

So how did we do what others didn’t, or couldn’t? The easy answer is “technology.” But it goes way deeper than that.

I took a page out of Dan Sullivan’s playbook and applied it to the complex task of how to add magnificent years to anyone’s life who will listen… in spite of themselves.

As it turns out, I care more about most people than they usually care about themselves. I’ll bet you’ve experienced that yourself. Haven’t you ever tried helping someone with easy to follow advice when you see them hurting themselves, even destroying themselves… only to have them ignore you?

It’s heartbreaking, isn’t it? Especially if they are loved ones.

Hardly anyone is willing to put forth the effort. Then, once disaster strikes, they’ll bulldoze you and anyone else in their path to find a cure if they have to.

Someday, it’ll be easy. The technologies we and other motivated individuals support will obsolete aging and diseases once and for all. But until that someday, we’ll have to be proactive if we want to live until then.

The page I mentioned out of Dan’s playbook? His 10X strategy.

It’s real simple – and counter to how almost everyone on the planet thinks.

When most of us forge plans, we start with the past. A problem that popped up before this very instant for example. Of course, since time does not stand still, everything but current thoughts took place in the past. But here’s where it gets interesting:

When we strategize on how to solve these problems, on how to plan for an outcome (everything from something as simple and mundane as tonight’s dinner, to the most important business or personal goal you want to achieve), what do you usually do? You draw on past experiences to build on.


Sure, past experience is valuable if you learn from it, and you need to do that to keep improving. However, you will only improve incrementally… maybe by a factor of two or so… if you’re lucky. And it’s tedious.

Instead, what if you did this:

Project yourself into your future, and set a big, bodacious, and even frightening goal.

This forces you to stretch. It forces creativity.

It’s the way to improve your results by a factor of ten or so.

And do you want to know major side benefits?

1. It’s actually easier.
2. It energizes you instead of draining you.

In order to make something big happen in your life, start with your future to free up your present from your past as much as possible.

My goal – reverse aging by 2033. Not going to do it with backwards thinking.

Your outcome? Whatever you want. But for a start, how about staying youthful and well until rejuvenating technologies hit the scene?

3 Good Reasons to Live Longer

Last week I blogged about an absolutely amazing conference where I had the opportunity to speak about extreme longevity. I shared the stage with Arianna Huffington (see photo), Kevin Harrington, Daymond John and other luminaries.

Joe Polish pulled off the event of the year. More info at

Although the educational conference centered on entrepreneurship and marketing with speakers and attendees representing a wide variety of industries, the wellness field was the most heavily represented. Brian Kurtz who runs Boardroom, Inc is one example. Fitness queens such as Kathy Smith and JJ Virgin were there, and Dr. Daniel Amen presented, among others.

There was enough energy in that room to launch a rocket. Virtually everyone I met had such a zest for life that I just had to share it with you.

Don’t forget, this was a business/marketing conference. But most would be surprised at what makes a successful businessperson. It’s the same as what makes any person “successful.” Dan Sullivan, Strategic Coach founder builds “character” as well as teaching success strategies to his thousands of clients.

In fact, before you even think about success in business, Dan teaches you to be an accomplished friend, spouse, parent and basically a well-grounded well-integrated person. He coached thousands of entrepreneurs… more than anyone in the world.

So what did he talk about?

How to build successful relationships. How to reach and maintain your peak energy levels. How to grow your confidence. Why you should set 25 year goals… regardless of your age. How to appreciate and absolutely… LOVE life. He even revealed an easy way to multiply your desired outcomes (whatever they may be) by TEN TIMES.

And Dan was just one example. Dean Graziosi, who has been on TV every day for 13 years running, and who is the top current real estate investor guru, didn’t preach marketing or give any real estate tips. No. He talked about being a good husband and father.

In fact, these were common themes that were weaved throughout the conference. I didn’t meet one person there who did not have a specific purpose of life. They were long term thinkers. And just like you and me, they face their share of problems Like us, they experience heartbreaks.

But they bounce back. They see problems as opportunities. Most of them find something good in every pitfall. And what does this kind of mindset lead to?

Happiness. A reason and a strong will to live healthfully… and for a very looong time.

It’s not about the money. Most are prosperous. But money was a byproduct of their attitudes.

Joe Polish has been a Dan Sullivan student for about 17 years. Long ago, when he was telling me how amazing Dan’s program is, I asked him how much more income he made as a result. Joe does extremely well, but he looked at me like I was nuts. It wasn’t about earning more (although that happened too), it was all about self-development and self-worth.

As a subscriber, you are already future focused and motivated to improve. But go to for a wealth of the best free info on the planet to stick your future in overdrive.

When I met Joe, he had no interest in longevity pursuits. Now he’s an avid life extensionist. I think it may have something to do with how much he grew as a person.

Self-esteem is critical if you want to be happy in the long term. And without happiness, living long may not be appealing.

I’m here to tell you, self-esteem isn’t something that is handed to you. It’s earned. It’s something you LEARN to build. Anyone can do it. Enduring happiness is the reward. If you want to learn more, read The 6 Pillars of Self Esteem by Nathaniel Branden.

So here are your three good reasons to live longer – to max out your extreme longevity:

1. Open-ended Happiness
2. Open-ended Opportunities
3. Open-ended Love

More Life,
David Kekich

P.S. I’s never too late to start. One of the speakers, in his mid-80’s, often puts in 14 hour days because of his passion for what he does. He keeps looking forward… NOT BACK.

P.P.S. Go to Amazon and devour at least ONE of Dan Sullivan’s books. Don’t worry… although power packed… they are extremely reader friendly.☺ And don’t forget to check out and

The People Who Will Keep You From Aging

Once we solve aging, if you look far enough behind the curtain, you would be shocked to see what a diverse and surprising group of individuals had a hand in your “second chance.”

Last week, I attended and spoke at the most incredible conference I ever saw. There was a sold out overflow crowd of approx. 250 attendees. Actually, I should say “participants,” since it was an interactive experience.

No, it wasn’t a biotech conference. Not an anti-aging or medical conference either. Attendees were a group of high-powered marketing oriented entrepreneurs. You know… the kind of people who make the world go around. As you may know, nothing happens till someone sells something. (And ironically, salesmen get a bad rap.)

My good friend, Joe Polish, held the event in Newport Beach, CA, and people lined up with $10,000 checks in hand for the privilege of being there. The information was groundbreaking, inspiring… and worth every dime to the attendees. The consensus was that on average, the experience will translate to $250,000 extra profit to each attendee.

And that’s borne out by the 150 people who pay Joe $25,000 annually to meet three times a year to exchange ideas. Most original members have renewed for 6-7 years running.

Some of the speakers were: Kevin Harrington and Daymond John from Shark Tank; Peter Diamandis, X-Prize founder; Arianna Huffington, founder of the Huffington Post and Tim Ferris, author of “4 Hour Work Week.”

Surprising to me was how well represented the health and wellness industry was.

My topic of course… was extreme life extension.

More about this event in another blog, including why some of the lessons learned will make your longevity “satisfyingly happy.” For now, let’s take a look at how the people there will contribute to YOUR longevity.

The primary contribution is they (or others like them) will accelerate research.

They’re not researchers, so how is that possible? (I actually did spend time there with two biophysicists with a breakthrough stem cell technology.)

For a long time, I’ve been saying progress is held back more to the lack of marketing than from solid science. (But at are breakthrough natural products that a new technology just developed… that actually defy aging.)

Some of these and other marketing genius entrepreneurs will apply their marketing skills, directly or indirectly, to raising the capital needed to push research forward to actually control aging. And some will contribute management expertise to new startups in this field as well.

The two most important ingredients to companies in general are innovation and marketing. In fact, all or nearly all revenue is spawned by those two. Tons of innovation now is screaming to be funded.

Here’s a link to one of the more fascinating, educational, productive… and FUN groups on the planet. It’s already changing the world.

More Life,
David Kekich

Technology is a Double-Edged Longevity Sword

A good while ago, I had a local speaking engagement. Before going on stage, I had a discussion about obesity and health in general. I had many similar conversations, mostly prompted by my frustration with two diverging trends.

On one hand, the health consciousness and probability of seeing extreme life extension capabilities in our lifetimes continue to get more widely spread and accepted. That in turn leads more people down healthy lifestyle paths and attracts more support for research.

At the same time, the masses get fatter and unhealthier every year. Two thirds of Americans are overweight, one third obese, and the average woman’s waistline ballooned by over two inches in the past 15 years. Just when staying healthy can ultimately pay off in huge longevity dividends, millions are unintentionally committing lifestyle suicide.

Here are some excerpts from an essay by Reason at Fighting that illustrates my point.


“The combination of the present stage in our technological development and our evolved urges has brought us to a temporary comfort trap.”

“As a species we are presently succeeding ourselves into a harmful pit. We’ve succeeded in the goals of our ancestors (eat, feel good, evade pain, become wealthy) to the point at which we’re breaking the evolved metabolic processes intended to deal with a short and brutish life of privation.

“We became fat and now surround ourselves with more food than we need, in other words – not a condition that our bodies respond well to, and so we suffer for it. The collection of symptoms suffered as a consequence of being fat, not exercising enough, and eating a lot is termed ‘metabolic syndrome.’

“It’s a step along the way to more serious failures of your organs and bodily systems, such as diabetes, that result from the damage being done by fat through the years.”

“Unfortunately, while we’ve succeeded enough to get into this hole, we’ve not yet succeeded enough to be able to dig our way out through medical science. Until that happens, indulgence will continue to have adverse consequences on your health and your longevity – lost years, lost money, sickness, and pain.”

As Reason points out, just as technology will deliver the ability to transform us from old to young, other technologies’ byproducts that make life so easy for us today might keep us from living long enough to benefit from radical life extension capabilities.

Our children will be born into a world where technology will keep them youthful, healthy and strong regardless of what they do. Meanwhile, we don’t enjoy that luxury. If you want open-ended youth, it won’t be handed to you. You’ll need to work at it. I made it easy for you by writing Smart, Strong and Sexy at 100.

I gave away a predecessor book, but people don’t usually value what they get for free. I spent years writing it and gave away a digital version, because I want as many people as possible to be able to shortcut their way to its life-saving information. Even though many tell me they get tremendous value from it, I’m finding that of those who actually do download it, many don’t read it.

So I’m selling it as well. I was hoping the free version would take off like a rocket with minimal promotion, because I don’t have enough spare time to market it successfully. Sigh! Maybe Kindle and other electronic readers will boost distribution. Both Kindle and the hard are available soon on Amazon.


Resisting Aging Ages You Faster… How to Keep That from Happening

Resistance makes you suffer. And it ages you.

Let me explain.

Some things are simply out of your control. Past events for example. They happened. They’re over. And you can’t change them, no matter how much they may make you suffer.

Things like chronic physical problems, other people’s words and actions, the economy and wars, are usually out of your control. So is aging. No matter what you do, the passage of time (entropy) eventually takes its toll.

So what do most of us have a tendency to do? We fret over what we can’t manage. We resist what we can’t control. And that makes it worse. Fretting and resisting lead to being frazzled and stressed… and accelerated aging. Resisting robs you of control of your life, happiness, clear thinking, sound sleep and optimal productivity. It can tear families apart and destroy your most cherished relationships.

So how do you recognize when you are resisting?

It’s usually when you are uncomfortable about something, when things aren’t going your way. If resistance is the poison, what is the antidote?

Watching! Witnessing! Pure and simple, the act of observing yourself as if you were watching someone else’s feelings when feeling discomfort often leads to a life changer.

While observing your resistance every time things aren’t going your way, be curious as to what is happening and how it is affecting you. Stand back, let things play out and totally accept the situation. If it’s out of your control, understand the damage you are doing to yourself by futilely resisting.

If you discover the circumstance is something you have control over, then improve your health and stress by finding solutions and fixing it.

Some health related examples are smoking or eating sugar-laden or high simple carbohydrate foods. Be conscious about every step. Watch how you suck poisonous gas into your lungs with every drag. With every bite, observe the toxins you put into your mouth traveling down to your stomach, into your intestines and eventually into every organ, tissue and cell of your body.

If you can intellectualize and actually witness yourself doing that with laser beam focus, how long do you think you would keep up those deadly habits?

So if you want to quit smoking or change your damaging diet habits, from now on, smoke or eat consciously.

Discomfort is usually a result of conscious or unconscious resistance to what is going on. The solution to resistance is to watch your thoughts, feelings and behaviors as if you were curiously watching them happen to someone else. Consciousness leads to understanding consequences. Unconsciousness does the opposite and results in destructive behavior.

I think and talk a lot about the negative effects of aging. So much so, that I find myself resisting the process. And by doing so, I have come to realize that I am actually accelerating my aging process by resisting the wrinkles, graying hair and my failing eyesight.

Ironic, huh? Are there things I can do to slow aging? Sure. I do them every day, and I talk and write about them. Will I be able to actually have my aging process reversed someday and look and feel like a 25 year-old again? That’s what MaxLife is all about. With lots of hard work, clear thinking, money and luck, it should happen in my lifetime.

Meanwhile, I’m undermining my personal chances by resisting the process of aging. I’m resisting aging so much that I am also missing some of the pleasures of the passage of time. By resisting, I’m actually missing a good part of life. Resistance (not what is being resisted, but the resistance itself) is the source of any physical, mental or emotional discomfort you and I may have.

Don’t try to stop resisting, just mentally step aside and watch yourself thinking, feeling or doing. The awareness generated by noticing or watching will cause the resistance, and the discomfort that always accompanies the resistance, to dissolve. Learning how to do this takes time. I know, because it’s an ongoing challenge for me. But it is a major key to health, longevity, happiness and inner peace.

So until science fixes aging, accept the fact that you are going to slowly decline, just like everyone else. You can accelerate the decline or slow it down. The counterintuitive way to slow it down is to let it happen. Observe your reactions to it and completely accept it for what it is. Then keep up your healthy habits, support life extension research when you can, and you will improve your extreme longevity odds.

Resisting Aging Ages You

Stem Cells and the End of Aging

I often give basic conclusions and benefits of lifestyle changes or of research that will extend your life, maybe open-endedly. And this is all you might be interested in seeing or hearing.

But for some, these conclusions are not believable. Maybe they’re too simplistic or even too good to be true. After all, we’re conditioned from birth to accept growing old, falling apart and dying as an inevitable process of life. So you might ask: “Who does Dave Kekich, an admitted layman, think he is to tell me everything I learned and believe about aging and death may be wrong?”

This is a totally legitimate response. Yes, I’m not a scientist. I slept through biology in school. In fact, I was far from the brightest bulb on the evolutionary tree. So why should you believe me? Because I have spent about 15 years hanging around many of the brightest bulbs who do the research. And some of the science rubbed off on me, at least enough to come to my own conclusions, and more importantly, to be able to understand their conclusions.

If you have any intellectual curiosity about some of the underlying science, watch this video to get a better understanding as to how aging affects your health, why you are prone to life-ending heart disease by not following a sensible lifestyle, and most importantly, how stem cell research may play an important part in your longevity.

Remember, stem cells are just one of the pieces of the aging puzzle. Watching this still current video lets you appreciate just a bit of the enormous amount of tedious research going on behind the scenes in this, and in all other disciplines, that will ultimately end aging. Click on this link:

What is Your Real Age?

When you were a teenager, were you like me, did you want to look older?

Most of my friends did too. We all thought it was cool to look and act older than we were. But now?

What would you give to shave a few years off your biological age? How about five years, or ten, or even twenty? Most of us dream about it, and fewer do something about it. The proper combination of diet, exercise and the other five steps in Smart, Strong and Sexy at 100 will certainly do it for almost everyone. And by now, you know how that could translate into a longer healthier lifespan, which in turn could position you to take advantage of future radical life-extending technologies.

Have you ever visited It’s a credible website that has been operational for years. They offer a free test that gauges your “real age.”

You know what your chronological age is. I get painfully reminded every birthday. But that’s not necessarily your biological age. Let’s face it, we age at different rates. Have you attended a high school reunion recently? The last one I went to blew me away. There was at least a twenty year difference between how old some of the youthful ones looked compared to the ones who aged badly. In fact one of our teachers who attended looked younger than most of my classmates.

So why the difference? Genetics? In many cases, sure, but only partially. We can attribute about 25-35% to genetics. The rest is, by far, under your control.

I took RealAge’s test years ago and don’t remember the exact results, but I was happy with them. Then Phil Sumner, one of my subscribers and fellow Pennsylvania native, sent me a direct link to Real Age’s test. Here’s what Phil said about it:

“This one is absolutely amazing! This will either scare you, elate you, or make you change some habits!! If you answer truthfully, it is a cool tool. You may be younger… or older than you think!”

By the way, Phil’s numbers when he took the test were 64.1 for a virtual age (biological age) and 99.9 for his Life Expectancy. Since he was 78 calendar-wise then, that’s something to be proud of.

Way to go Phil, and thank you for this link to the test:

How scientific is this test? They seem to know what they are doing, and it’s a reputable seasoned site. I’d say it’s far from precise but a very good place to start. So you need to keep monitoring your blood work, take other tests, check biomarkers, and most of all… continue to follow healthy habits.

Take the test now, and have fun with it. It can be a great reminder that you are doing the right things, or it can be a wake-up call. Either way, you benefit.

What’s the ONLY Disease? (Hint… It’s not Aging)

Last Saturday, I got two complimentary articles that may surprise you (if you haven’t been paying attention to me the past few years ☺).

Every time I get one like this, it makes me want to climb the highest mountain and scream to the world…

“Stop contributing to your early demise. Hear this stuff NOW.”

When it comes to wellness, we’re usually our worst enemies.

The first article, by Dr. Mark Sircus of The International Medical Veritas Association’s (IMVA) states it clearly. Here are some excerpts…

“According to Dr. Gary L. Tunsky, there is only one disease — cellular malfunction — and all other “diseases” are just labels that tell us the location of the cellular malfunction.”

“What he should have said, to be more specific, is that there is inflammation.”

“Inflammation is the common denominator that levels the playing field of medicine.”

“Toxicity and inflammation are brothers in arms teaming up against the cells.”

“A partial list of common sub-clinical symptoms would include but not be limited to: fatigue, lethargy, depression, headaches, allergies, chronic infection, frequent colds, nervousness, sudden anger, sensitivity to perfume/odors, memory loss and joint pains.”

“What is cancer but inflammation?”

Despite the investment of hundreds of billions of dollars
in research, not even a single degenerative disease
has been cured in the past hundred years.
─Dr. Alan Greenberg

This is why modern medicine has to reorient itself to treat inflammation instead of the diagnostic labels hanging around a patient’s neck.”

“The 21st century is presenting all primary health care workers with a daunting challenge, how to help people and their children survive the toxicity, stress and inflammation and a medical and dental system dead set on making matters worse by further poisoning everyone they have contact with.”

This is one reason why I put everything else aside a couple of years ago, invested heavily in a sophisticated artificial intelligence technology designed to unwind the mysteries behind inflammation, the aging brain, weight loss, aging itself as well as other aging-related conditions.

I started with inflammation because it’s overall, the most serious of these in the immediate term. And we usually show no symptoms as it silently eats away at us for years before killing us.

I know you’ve seen this before, but I URGE you to take one more peek. Inflammation Intervention.

And if for some reason, you don’t want to take this proactive step, at least read this free report. And then adopt at some of the tips at minimum.


Here are some excerpts from the second article…

Oxidative stress and inflammation – two things that age humans the fastest
─by S. D. Wells

“When people hear the term neurodegenerative disease, they either run the other way and just pray that they never have to deal with it, or they have no idea what it means.

When millions of Americans take prescription drugs to cover up and temporarily minimize symptoms of chronic health ailments, they are actually increasing oxidative stress and inflammation, pouring ‘salt in the wound.’

“Will you have Alzheimer’s?”

“How can you destroy your cells for 30 or 40 years and take a chemical prescription to fix it? You can’t. How can you strangulate your cells and cut off oxygen to the brain for years and then quell the “symptoms” with medication? You can’t.”

“That’s the scam of Obamacare and the ‘Inflammation Nation.’ America is fed GMOs, pesticide-laden food meant to DESTROY insects and weeds that kill agricultural profits. It kills people!”

The article goes on and gets a little technical. You might want to check-out the Health Ranger’s anti-inflammatory foods with good fat sources.

More Life,
David Kekich

P.S. And don’t forget this critical step.